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Covid-19, Remote Work, And The Evolution Of Tech Salaries

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

The outbreak of the coronavirus popularized remote work. More companies are trading cubicles for sitting room offices with video conferencing for communication. Tech jobs are not left out since they are remote-friendly and have considerably higher salaries.

Many people have also switched to tech jobs because of the perks they offer. Will remote work affect tech salaries during the pandemic? Tech jobs are stereotyped most times to include genius college dropouts in California, but this is not the real picture. Tech staff work like everyone else but work with programming languages.

Why Tech Jobs Stand Out

Covid-19 forced companies to adapt by moving businesses online. For instance, if a service can be performed in person, like locksmiths, there is still a need to schedule appointments using technology rather than having a human answer the phone. This is why tech jobs stand out and many people who want to enroll in job training hih to change to tech hope the salaries remain stable.

So far, top tech hubs boast the highest salaries in certain regions. In the United States, San Francisco, Santa Clara, and San Mateo report the highest wages. Boston and New York City closely follow the border counties as they are also hubs for popular tech jobs. Before Covid-19 hit, tech companies scrambled to hire talents, which pushed the salaries higher than ever. The pandemic has led to major stock sell-offs and ultimately, job loss.

Remote work was adopted in its place to get work done productively. Top tech companies like Square, Twitter, and Facebook made the move to announce permanent work from home arrangements. The terms are quite different as Facebook asked employees to move from their present location as the Bay Area to a new location. Salaries were also adjusted to match the living cost of the new location. This makes tech salaries more difficult to predict, especially considering the switch and the volatile economy.

Tech Salaries Will Remain Higher Than Average

Most businesses were hit by the downturn of the economy, but the tech industry seems to be doing a lot better than others. Full stack development and other branches of the industry are still in high demand. In Q2 and Q3, the S&P 500 recorded a new high due to help from tech companies. Though companies didn't offer the same salary ranges before 2020, tech firms still have a good history of higher pay for staff. Earlier in the year, tech companies managed to break even and beat sell-offs. This is a clear indication that they will keep making a profit and keep their salaries way above other regular jobs.

Are Entry-level Tech Jobs Still in Demand?

So many people considering entering the tech atmosphere wonder if entry-level jobs in tech are available. They are very much in demand and will continue to be as e-commerce rises. The downside is that salaries are not competitive as opposed to the pre-Covid era. However, they will still be above the country average for salaries. Anyone still considering breaking into the industry can consider pursuing a course in computer science or learning the basics for a start.

Will Tech Jobs Fade Away?

Tech workers are needed in many industries as companies are always looking for them to implement new tech projects. Usually, business people and entrepreneurs hire tech people to implement their ideas. Companies are searching for ways to disrupt their various industries with products made with technological advancements. Tech has been incorporated into sales to reach the end consumer in so many different ways. For instance, grocery stores and clothing companies track customer spending as well as the products they purchase with data science. This data helps companies make decisions, especially since the pandemic and economic downturn have impacted spending habits. They also collect algorithms and other data to increase efficiency and sales.


The coronavirus changed the way things are done in many ways and remote work is one of them. Tech companies adjusted well to the change and have been able to stay afloat. This is why they remain one of the highest paying companies in the world. The switch to remote work may have impacted the salaries of tech employees, but it is still better than the average salaries of workers in other industries.



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