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Vertech Capital And LAB.PH Forge Strategic Commercial Partnership

SINGAPORE — Vertech Capital, a Singapore-based advisory firm focused on the commercialization of innovative technologies and cross-border acceleration, and LAB.PH, an economic development management firm in the Philippines, today announced their intent to support large-impact technology integrations in the ASEAN region through this alliance. The partnership supports the organizations' shared goals of enabling the seamless cross-border integration of technology-based companies through project advisory, capital infusion, and strategic commercialization services.

Vertech Capital’s capabilities in project financing, channeling investments , and public private partnerships strengthens the recently formed LAB.PH consortium, which includes the likes of joint venture investment banking firm Bancom II, government-level data management solutions provider LGUsuite, pioneering LoRaWAN-based Internet-of-Things enabler Packetworx, and community-driven property development enterprise Jala, among many others. LAB.PH, meanwhile, provides market access to Vertech’s advisory portfolio through pilot areas implementing Community OS, a compact Smart City installation program which streamlines relevant community data, analyzes its idiosyncratic needs to stimulate local economies, and produces ISO-Certified (ISO-37106 - Smart City Operating Model) Cities. The strategic partnership will further accelerate the growth of their combined portfolios with relevant business integrations in the Philippines and produce a multitude of opportunities for local companies to scale across the region.

Sheryl Foo, Director for APAC & EMEA at Vertech Capital commented: “This partnership furthers both organizations’ commitment to innovation that empowers economic and sustainable development across ASEAN. We are excited to combine LAB.PH’s strong capabilities in economic & social analysis with our expertise in investment and smart cities to identify data-driven growth opportunities and truly quantify impact in the region.”

Planned initiatives between the two parties include undertaking strategic advisory roles within the joint ecosystem, the development of cross-border projects, and the exploration of commercial activities particularly in the areas of sustainable development and smart cities. This serves as a form of bilateral innovation exchange which produces joint market opportunities focused on enabling knowledge, capital exchange, and technology transfer.

Russ Malangen, Chief Strategist of LAB.PH added:This partnership serves as a valuable precedent to boost our efforts in converting bankable communities. We’re incredibly delighted to introduce Vertech Capital to our ecosystem. Our combined know-how in policy making, sustainable development and smart city integrations should prove to be a huge value add for communities in the country. Capital has historically been difficult to access in the Philippines due to lack of data and small market segmentations, which is why we want to reveal industry opportunities quantified through our social accounting matrix to create sound investment portfolios for our partners.

About Vertech Capital

Vertech Capital partners with public and private sector stakeholders to structure, design, and execute large-scale renewable energy projects and advise on the cross-domain adoption of future technologies. We curate and manage a global portfolio of cutting-edge technologies and investments, with traditional expertise in the energy sector.

Based in Singapore, Vertech Capital’s advisory arm focuses on the commercial translation of innovation, including disruptive technologies. Vertech is committed to building an open innovation ecosystem to accelerate access to the 4th Industrial Revolution.

About LAB.PH

LAB.PH was established as the technology consulting arm of the Roxas-Kalaw Foundation in 2015. Its primary purpose is to nurture an ecosystem which fulfills the needs of communities in the Philippines identified through its economic development management system. The firm specializes in streamlining data, employing an idiosyncratic analysis of targeted areas, and packaging viable investment portfolios for the organic creation of business districts by revealing market opportunities within these communities derived by the actual demand.



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